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Aug 12 2009

Back To The Drawing Board - Some Redesign Needed On Unimog

Our Expedition Unimog completes its maiden voyage. A few changes are in store.
Every new expedition vehicle needs to start somewhere. No matter what you do there is always the first trip. Working out the kinks as they say. Most times I have found you come home with a number of changes that need to be [...]

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Jul 20 2009

Project Unimog - DONE!

Our project Unimog has been completed just in time! With only a few days to spare before its first test trip to Labrador & Newfoundland the vehicle is ready to go. Obviously we have been a bit quiet with posts of late trying to get her done. Promise to get more photos and articles up [...]

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Jun 17 2009

Project Unimog - It Is Orange!

A quick update to reflect the new color of our expedition vehicle. We are not quite done yet, still needs another couple of coats and some sanding but it sure looks orange already!
Click on photos to enlarge.

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Jun 14 2009

Project Unimog - Expedition Body Complete, Painting Begins

The fabrication for the Expedition rear body of our project Mercedes Unimog is complete. The photos below show the aluminum skinned steel framed unit complete with 80 gallon stainless steel water tank enclosed. We wasted no time in stripping the vehicle down from bumper to bumper to prepare for painting. The newly fabricated roll cage [...]

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Jun 05 2009

Project Unimog - Rear Expedition Body Nears Completion

The rear expedition body is nearing completion for our Mercedes Unimog 416. The fabrication consists of a steel frame, aluminum doors and skin, stainless hardware, an aluminum diamond plate roof and stainless steel (80 gallon) water tank. Click on photos below to enlarge.

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Jun 04 2009

Project Unimog - A Flurry Of Activity - 120 Day Update

Work is continuing at a rapid pace on the Mercedes Unimog project. The custom fabricated fuel tank is finally complete, painted and installed on the truck. In the end it hold 60 gallons of fuel- a nice upgrade over the original 22 gallon one.
The roll cage/  brush bar has been fabricated and installed on the [...]

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Jun 02 2009

Solar Panels- An Integral Part Of An Expedition Truck

Expedition vechicles usually have a myriad of both gadgets and equipment ticlehat can sap the power from your battery.  A frequent worry is battery failure due to electrical overload.
We usually use on board refrigerators, such as the ARB Freezer/Fridge, and while it’s very efficient, it will still drain power if the vehicle’s engine is off-such as in camp or while we [...]

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May 25 2009

Project Unimog - Re-Upholstering The Rear Seats

New (top) & Old     |       Cutting          |     Naked Foam   |          Sewing         |    Staple Removal
Click Photos For Larger View
We took a 2 hour break from Memorial Day Weekend to complete the re-upholstering of the rear seats for the Unimog. I had previously cut the bench seat which had room for three people into two [...]

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May 19 2009

Project Unimog - Roll Cage and Rear Expedition Body Fabrication Begins

Metal fabrication has begun on our expedition Mercedes Unimog. The first step is fabricating the roll cage system that serves as a protection device for the vehicle occupants and a brush/bump guard to protect the bodywork of the truck in off road conditions.  In addition, work has begun fabricating the steel frame for the rear expedition [...]

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May 10 2009

Project Unimog - Rear Body Is Removed

The Unimog has been stripped down to the chassis in the rear. We will begin building the expedition body shortly. The 3 point mounting system that makes the Unimog famous will be utilized in the new construction. From the photos you can see the steel ball mounting points that we will be using on the [...]

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