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Jun 23 2009

How About A Guinness Float!

Published by Michael Ladden under Camp Cooking

Michael Ladden and Jim Leach enjoy a cold Guinness Float at the Fall River Pub & Grill in Maberly Ontario. A special thanks to Dave Pell of the Ottawa Valley Land Rover Club for showing us how it is done the night before, and proving that even after the kitchen closes there is still something [...]

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May 27 2009

Cookin’ On The Road - Expedition Kitchen Equipment

Published by Pat Macomber under Camp Cooking

Starting With The Basics:
This will be a series of articles on meal equipment, planning, general kitchen set up, preparation and clean up.
Meals are one of the most important aspects of all expeditions.  Long days are expected and good appetites are usually the result.  Planning is critical to determine the amount of food, the availability to purchase food during the trip, any [...]

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