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Sep 21 2009

Overland Travel Site Of The Week- Sahara Nomads

Sahara Nomads embraces the love of travel in Northern Africa.
A quick simple website with some great photos and nicely equipped Land Rovers. Our overland travel website of the week.
Visit to see for yourself.

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Jun 30 2009

Overland Travel Site Of The Week - GoNomad.Com

GoNOMAD.Com: Great Information Source To Plan Your Next Trip! 
 (Excerpt below from their site)
GoNOMAD .com is not a travel agency - we don’t sell tours, book flights, or reserve hotel rooms. Instead, we publish great travel writing and own a fantastically cozy community cafe that brings the best people in the area together over coffee, good [...]

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Jun 01 2009

Overland Travel Site Of The Week - Gaisma.Com

Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times around the World - Gaisma
Great information for world explorers and campers alike. Customized with thousands of cities and towns around the world.
In case you did not know: “Gaisma” is a Latvian word, meaning “light”.

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May 21 2009

Overland Travel Site Of The Week - PinzTrek

PinzTrek.Com - How about a Pinzgauer?
For those of you trying to decide which vehicle to ultimately select for your adventures the Pinzgauer made by Steyr-Daimler-Puch certainly is an option to consider.  PinzTrek is a great site to get started with your research. Photos, modification ideas and specifications can be found here.  The author has also [...]

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Apr 27 2009

Overland Travel Site Of The Week - My FJ Cruiser.Org

My FJ Cruiser.Org
A newer blog site to check out, especially if you own a Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Details everything from vehicle modifications to expedition gear and travel tales. I especially like the post detailing the installation of a desk top computer into the truck. A good read.

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Apr 13 2009

Overland Travel Site Of The Week - Driving Home

Colin Javens Spinal Injury Trust
Some 40,000 paraplegics and quadriplegics in the UK - and the numbers swell by 3 every day - are confined to a wheelchair for life - and many, understandably, succumb to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.
Colin Javens, paralysed from shoulders down in an accident in 2000, used a tiny movement in [...]

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Mar 30 2009

Overland Travel Site Of The Week - Expedition Cure

The Question: Can two flat-landers from Indiana tackle - off road - the entire Continental Divide in a Toyota Land Cruiser in 21 days and live to tell about it? 
The Answer: Yes. Completed in 2006, this is an interesting site that details the drive to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease and the Michael J. Fox [...]

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Mar 20 2009

Overland Travel Site of The Week- Well, Maybe OverWater!

Our site of the week is actually an over water adventure company.  Since our next major trip starts in this part of the world (Tierra Del Fuego)  we figured this was a cool site to feature. Their goal is to explore outlying and remote areas in the Southern Hemisphere, with the focus of expeditions on [...]

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Mar 10 2009

Overland Travel Site of The Week- Ireland To Mongolia

Ireland To Mongolia
How about a trip from Ireland to Mongolia in a 1993 Toyota Liteace!? A what?  Found an interesting photo of a spring repair on route.  ( photo to left) The caption reads “mmm, both sets of rear springs broken, Kealen & I look on as the Mongolian ‘mechanic’ lays out his ‘tools’ before [...]

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Mar 03 2009

Overland Travel Site Of The Week - The Beastly Adventure

The Beastly Adventure
A new feature for our Drive The Globe blog! We will be choosing an overland adventure travel web site each week to highlight. This week I happened to stumble upon a site as I surfed the internet about, (and I quote) “Two idiots and their leisurely drive around the world in a 1976 [...]

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